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As an outdoor enthusiast and a physical therapist I was very excited to give the Whirly Board a try. I started only being able to stand on the board for a few seconds and needing the counter/wall very close for support. Within a few weeks I was balancing without any arm support and performing 180 degree spins. Mainly I am utilizing the board to improve my balance, strength, and core. I can see the board being utilized in the rehabilitation process after an injury and preventing future injuries. I utilize many different types of balance boards in the clinic with my patients but this is the first one I have seen that has so many degrees of freedom. The challenges on this board are endless. I will definitely be recommending this board to my friends, family, colleagues, and patients.

Danielle F. Brand, PT, DPT, CAFS

I think the Whirly Board is a great device that can be used at home or in the clinic. Not only can it be used for balance training after an injury, it can also be used for functional rehab for snowboarding or skateboarding athletes. Its construction and durability make it a safe product and assures years of use.

Ken Krogman, Physical Therapist, Licensed Athletic Trainer UW Health Madison WI

Training on the Whirly Board has not only been fun, but has also translated really well to all of my favorite board sports. My overall balance has improved, which has helped increase power and stability in my turns while surfing. I’ve also felt improvements while doing spins on my snowboard, especially with timing and consistency. It’s been a fun way to safely practice pop shuvits, big spins, and other variations for skateboarding – a definite confidence builder. Lastly, as an exercise tool, simply standing and keeping my balance on the Whirly Board has been a great tool for building core and leg strength which directly improves stability.

Josh Pritchett, Rider of all boards, Account Manager hulu

A perfect balance between being on a board when you can and when you can't. I use the Whirly Board in my basement. Sometimes as a workout, mostly because it's super fun. I believe my balance has improved, my board control is a notch higher and that every little muscle that never gets used sitting on the couch, gets used. It's a cool little tool that might prevent that toe edge face slam. In my book, anything that helps prevent that and is fun at the same time.... Is Worth It!

Jon T, Dedicated Board Sport Enthusiast